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When somebody talks about ‘Thinking outside the box’, I remember those stories read in the forwarded mails. The first one, the idea flashed from an operator in a Japanese company another one a smart move by the Russian astronauts.

Once in a Japanese soap factory they had problem with their packaging, they were receiving complaints from finished product section about some of the packets were empty without soap inside, they called for a technical meeting to solve this problem, so many suggestion poured in, like installing sensors, x rays machines, scales etc., but they received a simple and economical suggestion from an operator, he recommended to fix a fan near the conveyor, when the air blows on the boxes the empty packets will be pushed aside, what a cost effective idea is nt it?

Another interesting story about the astronauts, once American space agency were seriously discussing about the invention of a pen that can work in space, because of zero gravity, the ink pen didn’t work in the space, Americans spend millions of dollars on research and invented a pen, but Russians thought in smart way and they just used pencil which served the purpose, I hope you have noticed Aamir quotes the same incident in the beginning segment of the movie Three Idiots.

Another mail recently I have received from my friend about luck, we come across many luckiest people and wonder why only few people are lucky and others not, even though many reasons said, I admire the reason mentioned in that particular message, we miss lot of opportunities lurking or hiding within reachable distance which is very much destined for us, but we always look for something very far and ignore the near ones.

These incidents show us the idea can be simple, from a lay person but they are valuable and also we have to concentrate on the solution not the process, when we conceptualize the end result, we can simplify the process. We should always think ‘outside the box’, at work or personal tasks, instead of following mundane, just try out something innovative, maybe that’s where your luck is lurking.

Good Luck!!
Note : The stories might be fictious -:)

According to a study performed by, an independent printer comparison site, printing in Century Gothic font rather than Arial can consume 30% less ink and help reduce costs.

In addition to Century Gothic font (size 11 - saves 30%), other Microsoft standard fonts that use less ink are: Times New Roman (size 12 - saves 28%), Calibri (size 11 - saves 23%), and Verdana (size 11 – saves 8%).

Simply by choosing a more eco-friendly font, such as Century Gothic, organizations can reduce waste and help trim the bottom line… Did you realize you can actually cut printing costs just by choosing another font? Even with everyone looking for new ways to save money, it’s doubtful most people have considered the font they use for letters, reports, and notices, but you can actually save 31% on your ink cartridge costs just by picking the right font. recently put this notion to the test using two popular printers. The Canon Pixma MP 210 was picked to simulate the printing of private users while the Brother HL-2140 laser printer was used to test business use. Both printers were left at their default settings (600 by 600 dpi). Changing only the font resulted in saving between $20 and $80 per year.

Arial, reigning as the most popular font, was used as the “zero” measurement, against which nine other fonts were tested. The clear winner was Century Gothic, which returned 31% savings in both printers. For the average private user, printing approximately 25 pages per week, this will easily generate a net reduction of $20 in a year. A business-user, printing approximately 250 pages per week, could save $80. If your organization uses multiple printers, you can save hundreds of dollars per year doing nothing more than picking a more economical font.

Century Gothic is a modern font that comes standard with MS Windows. Surprisingly, it even beat Eco-font which was specifically designed with efficiency and cost in mind. For those who require a more “traditional” look, Times New Roman provides a good balance between style and savings.


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