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A recent Harvard University study, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, suggests that you can improve your willpower simply by doing good deeds. Researchers found we can view others who "do good" as having more willpower. So, when we do good deeds ourselves, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To improve your willpower, try doing more good deeds in your personal life and at work.


Packing for a vacation is similar to executing a project, it needs a check list, time schedule, planning, budget allocation, and finally not to miss anything!! This year we are visiting our native place for a month, we have prepared a list several weeks before mainly comprising of gifts to our relatives and friends. We bought each a colorful (not multicolored…lol) suit cases, and fill them whenever we purchase something. Earlier days, we get several quality products those were not available back home or they were comparatively so expensive, the best example I can think of is electronic products, but now we get almost everything everywhere. My uncle used to wear particular brand shoe, that was not available in India, twice I bought him during my last trips, last week I called him, he told, “everything available here, if you need anything I will buy them for you” That is wonderful.

I asked my colleague who is also leaving next week, he is whining, he got a big list from his family, they want soap powder to talc powder, hair oil to cooking oil, he has to carry all these items, pay excess luggage charges which will be more than the product cost, but he mentioned, even though we get everything in our native, but the quality will be superior here, I doubt in his statement but cannot deny, last night we went to a super market and browsing the aisles I found our Indian biscuits, chocolates with the a big label “Export Quality”, what does it mean? as my colleague mentioned the products are superior in foreign countries? for export purpose you can do efficient packaging but the quality should be same is nt it?

For your info, another list is being prepared, mainly these list are of homemade groceries (masala powder, especially for fish curry) to be brought back on return, not any reputed brand can beat them!!

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