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I adore Dilbert cartoons, the expressions, dialogues and the characters depicts a lot. Glad to share these recent ones:

Frightening Presentation

Employee satisfaction doubled 1 to 2% -:)

Watch you words :(


Should have alternative plans

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Since three days the temperature is swinging in fifties here, yesterday it has reached 55°C, and they expect the same today as well, some of the schools are closed today as they afraid of sunstroke. The sad part is about the laborers, construction workers and the road cleaners, I wonder do everybody will get a propitious management to consider their working conditions, time and their health. In our factory, they distribute plenty of juices, water bottles, shorter working time for the people working in plants and construction areas. Due to higher temperature, there are frequent power cuts, even air-condition going weary. Yesterday evening I could not sit inside my car, the seat has absorbed all the heat, ventilated, even then no use. Back home at Chennai, we used to whine and yell for the temperature 35°C!!

Our body can easily adjust up to 40°C, when it goes higher, it may affect our metabolism, to avoid anything serious, we should keep our body hydrated. We already know about the importance of drinking water regularly, whether it is medically proven or not, it is healthier to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it is water, nature's gift, nothing wrong if you drink more!!

There is a quote by Maya Angelou “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Nowadays we come across many people throughout the day , at work, in our blogs and mails, we even wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries just by a pop up message of Face Book, we should accept this trend, our relationships are evolved in to ‘E’ thing!!

Among all these gyration, we meet people sincere, appreciative, mighty and admiring. I found in some manufacturing industries, when a talented fresh candidate joins they assign an experienced member of the organization as mentor, who can walk through the process, teach, train and mold, it is best model to learn from experience. Mostly we use the term role model, usually they are big celebrities or leaders, I never had a thought of having anybody as my role model, the reasons may be I don’t know them personally or I am not ready for such a big challenge or it is not required for me!!, but I am inspired by the mentor, who understand, criticize, care, appreciate, share, teach and learn.

If you take a survey of your friends list, some of them you know since the child hood days, from school and colleges, from the work place, and lately some of our e-friendship may be turned in to a good friendship, time is not important for efficient friendship, or just by chatting few minutes every day and exchanging mails is not a measure for effective friendship, but it makes a difference by how much the friendship makes you feel। Recently I got whiff of mentor with a friend, hardly I know less than a year, we discuss a lot, share and update each other, I always trust my friendship, it never deceives me. Everybody is unique and will have some talents, when we share and discuss we learn more and vision becomes broader. I am enjoying all those blessings with my new friend, even though I have few other good friends, this new friend shows the other dimension of it, I am sure you will have such friends at least one or too many!!

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