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We all very well aware of the anger, read many times and dwell with it, so don’t get annoyed about this post, recently I read an article about how angry affects the professional work especially the decision makers, it should not be an egregious event, but simple upsets inflict the chores. The decision made with the anger mood are mostly cognitive rather than profound. It could affect the big boss ‘you’ or a poor sweeper out there.

This morning at my daughter’s school entrance I found a furious dad yelling at his KG toddler to get down from his car quickly, while all the vehicles behind him were honking. Who should be blamed, the father or daughter?, the entire mistake was by this grown up man, there were spacious parking just few meters ahead, but he was so lazy to spend few minutes or to turn his wheel to facilitate the small kid to get down safe and peacefully.


Husband: When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?

Wife : I clean the toilet....

Husband: How does that help ?

Wife : I use your toothbrush.