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The world leaders are meeting at Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th to 18th December to discuss on the escalating climate change, we have faced a heavy flood two weeks before here at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, nobody expected such a rain fall in this region, known as desert country, the rain shook the whole city life with the 3 hours of heavy downpour, hundreds of people lost their life, and the damaged houses, scattered vehicles everywhere, the tunnels are filled with water, the scene was terrible. The expert says due to global warming and overall climate change world wide, the same situation may revert often, for this sudden surge, who is responsible? whom should we blame? developed nations? developing nations? Let the politicians play this blame game. As a member of this planet, let us take some initiative whatever way it is possible either at work or home, small or big, whatever action we do, let us hope it will make our place a healthier.

I read an article published by EPA that paper production is the third most energy intensive of all manufacturing industries. To make one sheet of paper, 13 ounces of water (size of a soft drink can) is required, and also over the third of waste is sent to municipal landfills are papers, among other effects, it breaks down and produce gases like methane.

Reducing paper usage will bring the operations cost and it contributes a lot to our environment. For example, during 2007 Bank of America saved $700,000 by advising their employees to use double sided print, lighter weight paper and using online forms.

Some of the tips to conserve our energy, most of them we already know, hope nothing wrong to remind ourselves.

  • Try to eliminate or reduce printing on papers.
  • If you must print then use double side option.
  • Use print preview before you click, adjust margins, reduce font size, paragraph space etc.
  • Most of the emails are not required to print, if you print them, just select the important pages, most of the emails will have strings of correspondences.
  • Switch off lights and other appliances when not in use.
  • Check for leaking water taps, just it may drips, but in long term it may cost you more (stitch in time saves nine).
  • Try to use natural lighting as much as possible.
  • Fill the kettle with the water you want rather than filling it full.
The energy conservation should be approached not only on cost point of view but also its impact on the environment, because most of the energy resources are available easily and cheaper.
Think Green...........!!
Picure source :
Article sources : EPA Australia, RRWR Council

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Just to share this message i have it in my inbox forwarded by a friend few months back, it is another perspective of how we can approach a task, does everything should be done rapidly? are we more adapted to "doing things faster" culutre? We cant either be too slow but do the things moderately with proper planning:


It's been 18 years since I joined Volvo, a Swedish company. Working for them has proven to be an interesting experience. Any project here takes 2 years to be finalized, even if the idea is simple and brilliant. It's a rule.

Globalize processes have caused in us (all over the world) a general sense of searching for immediate results. Therefore, we have come to posses a need to see immediate results. This contrasts greatly with the slow movements of the Swedish. They, on the other hand, debate, debate, debate, hold x quantity of meetings and work with a slowdown scheme. At the end, this always yields better results.

Said in another words:

1. Sweden is about the size of San Pablo, a state in Brazil.

2. Sweden has 2 million inhabitants.

3. Stockholm, has 500,000 people.

4. Volvo, Escania, Ericsson, Electrolux, Nokia are some of its renowned companies. Volvo supplies the NASA.

The first time I was in Sweden, one of my colleagues picked me up at the hotel every morning. It was September, bit cold and snowy. We would arrive early at the company and he would park far away from the entrance (2000 employees drive their car to work). The first day, I didn't say anything, either the second or third. One morning I asked, "Do you have a fixed parking space? I've noticed we park far from the entrance even when there are no other cars in the lot." To which he replied, "Since we're here early we'll have time to walk, and whoever gets in late will be late and need a place closer to the door. Don't you think? Imagine my face.

Nowadays, there's a movement in Europe name Slow Food. This movement establishes that people should eat and drink slowly, with enough time to taste their food, spend time with the family, friends, without rushing.

Slow Food is against its counterpart: the spirit of Fast Food and what it stands for as a lifestyle. Slow Food is the basis for a bigger movement called Slow Europe, as mentioned by Business Week.

Basically, the movement questions the sense of "hurry" and "craziness"

generated by globalization, fueled by the desire of "having in quantity"

(life status) versus "having with quality", "life quality" or the "quality of being".

French people, even though they work 35 hours per week, are more productive than Americans or British. Germans have established 28.8 hour workweeks and have seen their productivity been driven up by 20%. This slow attitude has brought forth the US's attention, pupils of the fast and the "do it now!".

This no-rush attitude doesn't represent doing less or having a lower productivity. It means working and doing things with greater quality, productivity, perfection, with attention to detail and less stress. It means reestablishing family values, friends, free and leisure time. Taking the "now", present and concrete, versus the "global", undefined and anonymous. It means taking humans' essential values, the simplicity of living.

It stands for a less coercive work environment, more happy, lighter and more productive where humans enjoy doing what they know best how to do.

It's time to stop and think on how companies need to develop serious quality with no-rush that will increase productivity and the quality of products and services, without losing the essence of spirit.

In the movie, Scent of a Woman, there's a scene where Al Pacino asks a girl to dance and she replies, "I can't, my boyfriend will be here any minute now". To which Al responds, "A life is lived in an instant". Then they dance to a tango.

Many of us live our lives running behind time, but we only reach it when we die of a heart attack or in a car accident rushing to be on time. Others are so anxious of living the future that they forget to live the present, which is the only time that truly exists. We all have equal time throughout the world. No one has more or less. The difference lies in how each one of us does with our time. We need to live each moment. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

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1. Whatever

Men: What to have for dinner?
Women: Whatever...
Men: Why don't we have steamboat?
Women: Don't want, once i ate steamboat and later got pimples on my face.
Men: Alright, why don't we have Si Chuan cuisine.
Women: Yesterday we ate Si Chuan, why eat it today again?
Men: Hm..... I suggest we have seafood
Women: Seafood is no good, i ate it once, then later I got diarrhea.
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Whatever..

2. Anything

Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything
Men: How about watching movie? It's been a Long time since we
watched movie.
Women: Watching movie is no good, it's waste time.
Men: How about bowling, or do some exercises?
Women: Exercise in such hot day?
Men: Then let's find a cafe and have coffee.
Women: Drinking coffee will affect my sleep
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Anything

3. You decide

Men: Then we just go home
Women: You decide
Men: Let take bus, I will accompany you
Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. I don't want.
Men: Ok we will take a Taxi
Women: Not worth it... for such a short distance
Men: Alright, then we walk.
Women: What! Walk with an empty stomach?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have dinner first
Women: Whatever...
Men: What to eat?
Women: Anything

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Life is Best for those who want to Live it.

Life is Difficult for those who want to Analyze it.

Life is worst for those who want to Criticize it.

Our Attitude Defines Life...Enjoy Your Life

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Studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol.

Several studies suggest that cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, making it especially beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes.

In some studies, cinnamon has shown an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant yeast infections.

In a study published by researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland, cinnamon reduced the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.

In a study at Copenhagen University, patients given half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder combined with one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast had significant relief in arthritis pain after one week and could walk without pain within one month.

When added to food, it inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative.

One study found that smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory.

Researchers at Kansas State University found that cinnamon fights the E. coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices.

It is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.

I read this information from the above link few weeks before and started to have cinnamon tea in the mornings, the blessing of natural food is whether it is benefit or not but wont do any harm, i guess!!

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"Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy."

-Kahlil Gibran

This is a strong message, but has deep truth in it, whatever work we do, it should be done with passion and dedication, for the benefit of the organization, and our healthy body & mind.

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  • If you want your dreams to come true, don't oversleep.
  • The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.
  • Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.
  • The best vitamin for making friends....B1.
  • The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
  • Minds are like parachutes...they function only when open.
  • Ideas won't work unless YOU do.
  • One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.
  • One who lacks the courage to start has already finished.
  • The heaviest thing to carry is a grudge.
  • Don't learn safety rules by accident.
  • We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.
  • Jumping to conclusions can be bad exercise.
  • A turtle makes progress when it sticks its head out.
  • One thing you can give and still keep your word.
  • A friend walks in when everyone else walks out.
  • The pursuit of happiness is: the chase of a lifetime!

This piece of information on perception, i have received from my friend, we do miss a lot as this incident.
Washington DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. The man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approximately two thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After 3 minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule.

4 minutes later

The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

6 minutes
A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.

10 minutes

A 3-year old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children.. Every parent, without exception, forced their children to move on quickly.

45 minutes

The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

1 hour

He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100.

This true story of Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities. The question is in a common environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made.....

How many other things are we missing?

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This is a story about four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actually Nobody asked Anybody.

This short story of blaming culture i read several years before in an article, thought of sharing now, fortunately found on this link!!

"Leadership - An individual’s greatest contribution to his company should not be based on self-accomplishment, but in what it has inspired others to accomplish under his leadership.... "
I have received this two lines quote in my mail, this tells a lot to whoever incharge of the organization, most of the managers today just brag about their achievements, thinking that the achivements the organization accomplished due to his individual effort, they never appreciate the fellow members support on executing his ideas or suggestions. This gimmick may work for few days, but it is a loss for the organization in the long term. Unmotivated workers may leave the organization once there is no expected appreciation they receive from the management or the superiors.
So the Leader always cheer his fellow employees and always appreciate their effort, then he becomes a Great Leader!!

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I have started blogging in tamil recently, it is really a ocean of interesting, and now venturing into English, i will share my thoughts with you shortly.

Have a nice moments!!

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