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RG09... Pimp My Ride

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11 comments to “TRASH TURNS TO TREAT!!”

  1. WOOOOOO....very interesting and impressive.never seen a trash turn to a treat like this.Thanks for sharing.

  1. Wow....awesome!!
    i rem i used to watch a show on Discovery Travel & Living and u had a show based on this theme.
    Looks amazing!!

  1. superb ... wow ..
    it s as if we see some Tom & jerry or something haha....

  1. @ Kavita (yeah its true, everything is possible now)
    @ N. Rahman (Before i used to watch this Pimp & Ride in MBC4 here)

    @ Deeps (Ha..haa Deeps)

    Thank you all for the comments

  1. wow gr8 post nanba...cheers and best wishes..

  1. nanri mera bhai..:)

  1. Very nice, gorgeous and beautiful car. Looks amazing and I feel like driving the car.

  1. Very nice...very the pics.. it still would look so elegant if it were on the streets today

    Work from home India

  1. thanks sir.btw enna sir rombo naala aalai kaanum..take care wishes..:)

  1. haha join the gang of henpecked hubbies:)

  1. hey, we had this car when i was a kid..
    the first and last pics are an absolute delight..