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1. Whatever

Men: What to have for dinner?
Women: Whatever...
Men: Why don't we have steamboat?
Women: Don't want, once i ate steamboat and later got pimples on my face.
Men: Alright, why don't we have Si Chuan cuisine.
Women: Yesterday we ate Si Chuan, why eat it today again?
Men: Hm..... I suggest we have seafood
Women: Seafood is no good, i ate it once, then later I got diarrhea.
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Whatever..

2. Anything

Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything
Men: How about watching movie? It's been a Long time since we
watched movie.
Women: Watching movie is no good, it's waste time.
Men: How about bowling, or do some exercises?
Women: Exercise in such hot day?
Men: Then let's find a cafe and have coffee.
Women: Drinking coffee will affect my sleep
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Anything

3. You decide

Men: Then we just go home
Women: You decide
Men: Let take bus, I will accompany you
Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. I don't want.
Men: Ok we will take a Taxi
Women: Not worth it... for such a short distance
Men: Alright, then we walk.
Women: What! Walk with an empty stomach?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have dinner first
Women: Whatever...
Men: What to eat?
Women: Anything

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14 comments to “Three difficult answers for men!!”

  1. Teheeee.....oh,so you men do notice !!!

  1. hahaha....nice one!!

  1. Hahaha !! A man can only say this / post this :)

  1. that was funny, but like kavita says.."do men notice what we are saying?"

  1. LOL:)....Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and though I am a woamn, I will say its true:)

  1. Very nice,funny and interesting post.
    Please collect your award from my blog.

  1. @Kavita : Yes we do notice, but dont express much!! lol!!

    @N. Rahman : Thank you.

    @Nu : Hmm..what to say, we poor men!!

    @Sujata : Kavita, here we go, you got the vote!!

    @Renu : Thanks Mam

    @Babli : Thank you Babli for the award, i feel so happy about it. You are really a motivator.

  1. lol..good one..buddy:)

  1. Ha ha ha ...hilarious post!!

  1. @R. Ramesh
    @The Panorama

    Thank you!!

  1. Thats the reason Babli's blog is amazing..Isn't it? :) :)

  1. Very difficult answers.... Very true... When I try to analyze them... I feel it is true... I'm impressed with your blog too.... Gr8 thoughts to ponder on..... INDEED.... Happy Blogging!!!!

    And Yes, Thanks for the lovely comment u left.. I'm humbled....


  1. That was humorous.. but i must say.. women are not so indecisive as u put it...

    Work from home India

  1. lol...Good One. Very true...