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The world leaders are meeting at Copenhagen, Denmark from 7th to 18th December to discuss on the escalating climate change, we have faced a heavy flood two weeks before here at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, nobody expected such a rain fall in this region, known as desert country, the rain shook the whole city life with the 3 hours of heavy downpour, hundreds of people lost their life, and the damaged houses, scattered vehicles everywhere, the tunnels are filled with water, the scene was terrible. The expert says due to global warming and overall climate change world wide, the same situation may revert often, for this sudden surge, who is responsible? whom should we blame? developed nations? developing nations? Let the politicians play this blame game. As a member of this planet, let us take some initiative whatever way it is possible either at work or home, small or big, whatever action we do, let us hope it will make our place a healthier.

I read an article published by EPA that paper production is the third most energy intensive of all manufacturing industries. To make one sheet of paper, 13 ounces of water (size of a soft drink can) is required, and also over the third of waste is sent to municipal landfills are papers, among other effects, it breaks down and produce gases like methane.

Reducing paper usage will bring the operations cost and it contributes a lot to our environment. For example, during 2007 Bank of America saved $700,000 by advising their employees to use double sided print, lighter weight paper and using online forms.

Some of the tips to conserve our energy, most of them we already know, hope nothing wrong to remind ourselves.

  • Try to eliminate or reduce printing on papers.
  • If you must print then use double side option.
  • Use print preview before you click, adjust margins, reduce font size, paragraph space etc.
  • Most of the emails are not required to print, if you print them, just select the important pages, most of the emails will have strings of correspondences.
  • Switch off lights and other appliances when not in use.
  • Check for leaking water taps, just it may drips, but in long term it may cost you more (stitch in time saves nine).
  • Try to use natural lighting as much as possible.
  • Fill the kettle with the water you want rather than filling it full.
The energy conservation should be approached not only on cost point of view but also its impact on the environment, because most of the energy resources are available easily and cheaper.
Think Green...........!!
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Article sources : EPA Australia, RRWR Council

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18 comments to “Think Green...!!”

  1. Another brilliant know Suffix,i am too preparing a post on this Think Green Topic.The tips you gave here are very good ,specially the one printing on both side of the paper.I noticed very thick bundle of newspapers and catalouges,brouchers coming in mail ,which no one bothers to open..they straight away are thrown to the dustbin.Wish something was done here too.
    The story of BOA saving 7000,000$ is very inspiring and look at the paper use they reduced.

  1. very brilliant and knowledgeable post
    if every one follows the tips we would definitely be in a better position.
    let us all put our contribution to it

  1. Your tips are so simple to follow that I will surely use them. Let us all do our bit to think and become green.

  1. Great post. And a great topic. We should do our bit. I have also wondered about newspapers and brochures. Do we really need them now? Everything is available online. Why waste paper? Good tips!

  1. @kavita
    Please do contribute your thoughts as well, hope it should be more interesting.

  1. @anjugandhi
    Thank you Anju, Yes we can do it by initiating little steps.

  1. @Sucharita Sarkar
    Thank you!! Glad about your spirit.

  1. @Jyothi
    Thank you Jyothi for your appreciation.

  1. Dear Shafi,
    Good Evening!
    hey,Anya also has written a post on I love green.
    rightly said,Shafi,the ways to think green!
    you know when we cut a tree, we must plant two.I had recived a lovely plant[ornamental] as a gift,may be for the first n last time!:)
    great going n do keep writing!best of luck!
    without the greens,can we imagine life?
    wishing you a wondreful week,

  1. @Anupama
    Thanks a lot Anu. I will check Anya's post as well. Thanks again for inspiring me. I really appreciate you.

  1. very good post, we need reminders like this often.i hope many people read it and follow.

  1. GREAT post
    I am also a green lover :-)
    Wonderful ....
    Let we all safe the nature

    Have a nice sunday

  1. very interesting post!! we've to follow that's very important!

  1. Natural light fills u & ur room or space with full enthu..... & I love that feel....

    Kindly collect the cheers - cheer leading blog...from my post


  1. @Renu
    Thanks a lot for passing by.

    @suvaiyaana suvai
    Thank you, you are correct, a little few steps...

    Yeah, Anu told about your post. I am glad. Thanks.

    That is nice of you Ash, thanks sharing the award.

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  1. Hey Shafi,

    Thanks for joining my Panthis..... Hope to see u around more often.....with thoughts & wishes on my dishes.....

    Have a gr8 year ahead!!!!