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I adore Dilbert cartoons, the expressions, dialogues and the characters depicts a lot. Glad to share these recent ones:

Frightening Presentation

Employee satisfaction doubled 1 to 2% -:)

Watch you words :(


Should have alternative plans

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20 comments to “Dilbert Cartoons”

  1. :) hey u doing yar?

  1. Thanks Buddy:)

  1. Ha ha...good ones..I enjoiy these strips too... :)

  1. Thank you Jyothi, these cartoons portray today's corporate culture.

  1. You probably chose the best of Dilbert for your post :)
    Though I'm more of the 'Peanuts' kind of cartoon fan, Dilbert has a relevance to the present day workplace I guess.
    May be you could have given a short intro to our Dilbert, his creator etc. You took the easy route ;)

  1. Thank you Latha, As you said it is more relevant to the present corporate circus, is there any other cartoons of this genre exist?

  1. very creative post!!!

  1. blog is a blessing of course..otherwise i d not have come across a good friend like u.right?

  1. Thanks Jesson & Rey Ann
    @Ramesh, of course :)

  1. Dear Shafi,
    Good Evening!
    I always love and enjoy cartoons!refreshing and gifting the lighter moments of life!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Do write often,Shafi!
    Wishing you a beautiful night,

  1. Thank you Anu for your encouraging comments

  1. Cool collection of Dilbert strips. Nice labelling now I see you really have abundant sense of humour.

  1. Thank you Venkat-:)

  1. lolz...good one ya :)!!

  1. Thank you Nazish:)

  1. I enjoyed this post very much. :)

  1. 成熟,就是有能力適應生活中的模糊。.................................................................

  1. Thank you Chandrika

  1. Humor at work...! I am tempted to suffix Suffix!

  1. Thanks for your humorous comment Subu:)