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Since three days the temperature is swinging in fifties here, yesterday it has reached 55°C, and they expect the same today as well, some of the schools are closed today as they afraid of sunstroke. The sad part is about the laborers, construction workers and the road cleaners, I wonder do everybody will get a propitious management to consider their working conditions, time and their health. In our factory, they distribute plenty of juices, water bottles, shorter working time for the people working in plants and construction areas. Due to higher temperature, there are frequent power cuts, even air-condition going weary. Yesterday evening I could not sit inside my car, the seat has absorbed all the heat, ventilated, even then no use. Back home at Chennai, we used to whine and yell for the temperature 35°C!!

Our body can easily adjust up to 40°C, when it goes higher, it may affect our metabolism, to avoid anything serious, we should keep our body hydrated. We already know about the importance of drinking water regularly, whether it is medically proven or not, it is healthier to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it is water, nature's gift, nothing wrong if you drink more!!

16 comments to “Soaring Temperature”

  1. take care man..

  1. Dear Shafi,
    Good Evening!
    Just now I was viewing the news and updated myself about the happenings of the world.The soaring temperature was the main news!
    And here in Kerala,it was pouring heavily from morning!Heavy rains as thiruvathira njattuvela started.
    I always tell my NRI friends to consume lots of water daily!we had suffered the heat till JUNE,but now life is cool with refreshing showers!
    A good job bringing awareness on the consequences of dehydration!The whole life style changes;people lose temper,get irritated soon.
    Turn to greens and drink lot of water!
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  1. Thank you Arvind

  1. Thank you Anu for your valuable comments, appreciation and encouragement.

  1. boss here in sharjah summer has taken off in full gear yar..tough to walk on the roads even for 10 mins.. but then no choice..wishes buddy

  1. Thanks Ramesh, yeah, i read it in news, take care my friend!!

  1. You are right Shafi. The moment the mercury shoots past 36C we start fretting and fuming here, cursing the weather. I should remember your plight and thank God for small mercies, I guess.
    Of course, when situations are beyond our control, we better grin and bear it and appreciate the better things in life.

  1. Hi Shafi,

    I always look forward for you post. I've been following your blog since 1 month. Yes when we are in India we think it's very hot there, but later we realise that it's the best place on earth. No matter how hot it will be in the day time, it gets cooler at nights that's what I like about India.

    I started having 4 ltrs of water since 2 days. :)

  1. Oh Gosh, where are you? It is really pleasant here in Bangalore. I can't imagine living in such heat. all the best to you.

  1. Thanks Latha, There are other regions in Saudi Arabia, they have longer day, the day starts at 3:30am and the weather is terrible there, thank God i am in Jeddah. I remember a beautiful prayer "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

  1. Thank you Vrinda, 4 ltrs of water a day, thats a good start:)

  1. Thanks Rachna, Bangalore is the best place!!, i am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  1. Heat is unbearable here too! The school closes only on July 8th. The kids are falling sick too because of the heat. But I have no option but to send them. I wonder what will happen in July/August.

  1. Thanks@Jyothi, the forecast says the peak will be within this week, let us hope the best. Take care.

  1. 55 is that possible on earth?

  1. @Venkat, yes it was 55C, this week we got God's mercy, weather is fine now.