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It was a great visit to Dubai last week to attend the Balanced Scorecard Forum 2010. I was so privileged to meet management icons Dr. David Norton and Dr. Robert Kaplan. They shared their philosophical thoughts on the concept which they derived during 1990s, but the wonder is, it is still capable of making marvelous changes in organizations. Harvard Business Review claims that the concept is the most effective tool in the 75 years of its publishing history. The traditional method to measure the performance was based merely on financial factors, but the balance scorecard recommends the inclusion of other main perspectives like people, internal process, customers and finance. All these perspectives should align with the company's strategic goals.

Most of the reputed companies already implemented this approach, and representatives from those companies shared their journey towards achieving the desired results. A great experience.

As far as Dubai is concerned, it is nice place to live, cost of house and transport are comparatively high, but worth it. Just to experience the new metro service i paid 12 Dhs and travelled through 4 stations, quite nice. One of the many advantages of this place is that you can manage with English and it is user friendly.

I went near Burj Khalifa- it's amazing. i was so excited to see the city from the top. unfortunately they have closed for a few days. Then visited the adjoining Dubai Mall, grabbed the guide from information counter- thousands of shops scattered around, guess you need a full day to roam around!! Had nice spicy chicken and rice at Nandos Restaurant at ground level!! Yummy...

i guess this is the right time to visit, most of the hotels have reduced their prices drastically, guys check out!!

18 comments to “Dubai Visit”

  1. I am glad that you had a wonderful time ,and that this trip made you update your blog...hee.Welcome back Suffix.

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  1. Thanks Kavita

  1. We had a free trip to Dubai along with you through your blog post. Thanks. Do we get to see some photos as well?

  1. Hey I can imagine, how good a time u must have spent..... I know it is worth the visit... I would surely make a trip once.... But do not know when, but sure about my WILL....... ;-)


  1. Thanks Latha, Infact i took few picutures of Burj Khalifa, on that day it was Earth Hour, the lights were switched off, so its not clear. I may get forum photos soon from the organizer, i will share with you.

  1. Hi Ash, How are you? Its worth to visit the place, you can enjoy Desert safari, its great fun!!

  1. Dear Shafi,
    Good Evening!
    You reminded me of my Dubai Trip!
    I enjoyed my desert safari.I am eager to enjoy metro!:)
    Add,photos,shafi!they make alot of difefrence!
    Well written,

  1. Hi Anu, Thanks, i will try for the pics.

  1. hey buddy nice to hear u enjoyed dxb trip time sure catch up for t..cheers

  1. Thanks my friend, next time i should catch up you at Star Bucks!

  1. Very nice, wonderful and informative post. I felt as if I have travelled Dubai. Very well written.

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  1. star bucks or moon bucks..any buck is ok hehhe..but sure catch up ...btw...happy tamil new year day buddy:)

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  1. Nice! I have never been to Dubai, but heard a lot about it.

  1. @Rachna

    Thanks, its a nice place to visit, u should plan a visit during shopping festival!!

  1. Nice blog you have here! Nandos is indeed a great place..I had tried out with a Nando outlet in Muscat...really loved