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Our house is located in the 'Old Airport Area'. Until 1980 it was the busiest Airport in the Kingdom, now the new airport is located 25 kms away from the city. The archaelogical department maintains the sign boards and few buildings. This board is in the entrance of a road nearby, still 'Arrivals' and 'Departures' are readable.


This is a signboard of key duplicating shop, iron box.......means 'Safe'? -:)

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  1. Awesome to get to read it still.... U still are well informed with few of those infos for just in cases.... ;-)


  1. Both Historical and Hysterical are equally good-interesting post

  1. @Ash : Yes it is true. Thanks
    @Latha : Thank you :)

  1. latha said it right..cheers buddy:)

  1. Very nice and interesting post. Good observation and thanks for this informative post.

  1. @Ramesh : Thank you bhai :)
    @Babli : Thank you.

  1. Interesting! :)

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  1. nanri boss:)

  1. Thank you @ Chandrika

  1. thats interesting!

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  1. thanks usual..hehe cheers:)

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