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Nowadays we are using varieties of transportation modes, each one bring us different experience. The flight journey can be fast and modern with smileful air hostess swaying around but nothing can beat the pleasure of train journey, i guess.

It is another great experience if you take a ride in Chennai autorickshaws, at the end of your journey, you will be more updated on political trends, cine gossips and commodity price index etc from the driver.

The bus ride can be appropriate for shorter distance but it is uncomfortable for longer distances, especially with our private transporters compete with thei rivals on catching up the time, it’s like running race, they never care about road bends or turn. Most of these buses, play 'dappanguthu songs' and blurred quality videos make our travel more horrible!!

By the way we rented Mahindra Scorpio for few days, the vehicle is great, equivalent to international brands. India is really shining on this industry.

The train journey brings the people more closer, sometimes we may get a ‘fellow passenger’ then become our friends. During my recent visit to India, I intentionally opted to travel by train. One time we got retired government physician and a software engineer travelling with us, they were so humble and polite, during discussions we found that he has a daughter and they are getting good offers for her marriage, he mentioned about a proposal and the boy is working with a reputed software company, fortunately the person he mentioned happened to be our fellow passenger’s friend, he got more details about him, almost he made up his decision and sent immediately a text message to his daughter. That was a pleasant event in the train.

Let me share a story flight journey, we were six of us, when they allotted the seat, my daughter and son got seats far from us, we preferred to have them beside, I requested two gentle men in front us on possibility of exchanging seats, one agreed another was so stubborn, just I asked him the reason for not moving, his reply was ‘he didn’t want to’ I didn’t argue with him much, he could be mentally stressed or problems to ponder, I know a bachelor’s situation flying to gulf. If that was the problem by a passenger, I didn’t expect another bug in the form of bag by the flight attendants, they were distributing gift bags for all the kids, in fact we have many of them at home got from the previous trips, the airhostess started to distribute and stopped in half way, most of the other kids and their parents were upset and arguing, I asked the reason and understood they are out of stock, it was hard to convince my kids, what a poor management by the Airlines (Saudia), among the airline services in gulf region, its my impression, Emirates is the best!! I could do nothing but a complaint to the airlines.

I hope you got my point for the reason to hate the flight journey!! I wish we have fastest train between Jeddah and Chennai.

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25 comments to “Journey and the people”

  1. interesting post buddy..hahah.fastest train between Jeddah and Chennai..will be the first to book ticket if such a service u remmebr water transport to chennai from dubai? it failed miserably..sad..

  1. You settled for a train between Jeddah and Chennai-glad you don't wish for auto service!

    Well, your train passengers reminded me of my train friendship long ago. We used to exchange letters quite regularly (that was almost two decades ago, its been ages since I wrote one). As you say, journey by road or rail always brings people closer.

    May be you ought to dedicate a separate post for your auto ride!

  1. poor auto fellows - all the days under hot sun and the cold - to earn a bad name..

    the paramount question is - if the disciplined traffic that much lovable?

  1. forget to add:
    just hate that idiotic word - in this world..

  1. I second your opinion about meeting interesting passengers on train journey. But, I normally avoid taking autos. I call for a cab.

  1. Me too prefers train to plane..

  1. Train journey incidence was really interesting. I enjoyed reading that. :)

  1. interesting post

  1. Very nice and interesting post.Nice to read your post after a long time. I always enjoy train journey and liked your post very much. Its always good to travel by train as we can come across with different people and can have some great experience.

  1. i have alwys enjoyed train journies.. esply by second class ...

    yea, hopefully the jed-amm train wont by indian govnt !!

  1. LOL..expectations galore uh?? Nothing like this may happen in the near future...all of us are happy being trampled under the auto's tyres..:P

  1. Hello there!

    Will be travelling by train from Kolkata to Darjeeling I believe come this November! Will be backpacking in India covering Darjeeling and Sikkim, then crossing over into Bhutan before flying back to Malaysia.

    This post is an interesting one! An eye opener for me!

  1. You are welcome at my new posts -

  1. Emirates if of course better airline..probably one of the best in the world but I don't like Dubai airport. They don't treat Indians right so I don't travel with Emirates.

    Like your blog.

  1. @Ramesh : Dubai - Chennai water transport? Let them reconsider project, let it be via Jeddah.

  1. @Latha : You got a Rail Sinekam? am sure you will get ur bogie buddy back in FB:)

  1. Wondering @ Arvind about friendship, Thanks yaar.

  1. Thanks @ Rachna
    @ Renu
    @ Chandrika

  1. Thanks @ sm
    Thanks @ Babli, you are rite.
    Thanks @ Deeps :):):)
    Thanks @ Madhu

  1. Thanks @ Versed : Warm welcome to India, hope you will enjoy ur stay.

    Thanks @ A : So, sad but Dubai should be much better than other regions in the Gulf.

  1. I love train journeys too. But I can't even imagine a train journey from Dubai to Kerala. Yikes. How many days would that take. :)

    @A - Don't know why you think Dubai Airport is bad. I think its one of the best airports in the world. There may be a few that spoil the name of the place, but that is applicable to every place on this earth. :) Etihad Airlines is superb too. :)

  1. enna sir rombo naala post kaanum?

  1. Good post; But train to Chennai is difficult, so train to accept!

  1. Well written post...loved reading!

  1. It is good to go back to the era of the long travel by train.
    Something that is missing in the quick dash to the airport